Summer is just about here, and I haven’t been this excited since I actually had a summer break (that was 13 years ago-how has time flown by that quickly?!)

Maybe it’s that freedom feeling summer brings and we need it now more than ever, or maybe it’s the fact that we have a new baby who will be here in a little over 30 days. Whatever the reason, I am ready for the possibilities of the season, and hopefully time at the beach.

Lately, I’ve had a few posts with items I really love and use mostly when the weather gets hot. Some of you have asked me where to get them, so I thought I’d put together this list of my favorite summer staples.* Simply click on the matching number below and be whisked away to shop…

Hope you enjoy!

Love and luck,


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*Some of the links listed here are affiliate links (meaning I get paid a small amount if you purchase through them).