ABOUT ashley

Welcome to my big fat American dream! I am a Texas girl born and raised. However, I make it a priority to leave this great state every year to see the world, sometimes with kids in tow. Speaking of kids, my husband and I have a blended family consisting of his two biological boys, my two adopted kiddos, and our newest joint collaboration Jack. We also have two large pups, Bodhi and Coco and a cat that adopted us named Cruey. Our lives are pretty busy between our day jobs, side gigs that we run to keep ourselves sane, and all the kiddos. Of course, the ultimate goal is to gain our freedom from corporate (#fempire).

I love to travel, read, write, initiate random living room dance parties, and cook when I have time. I am a big proponent of getting people healthy, pushing myself out of my comfort zone, coffee, trying new foods, and sharing fun fashion finds, trips, and cool stuff with you

Some things to note about me:

-I am learning to embrace my role as the queen of chaos, and the daily struggle of balancing it all. All of my posts will not be about perfection. I will share hard stuff too because, hey, that’s life!

-I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur who’s currently running 3 businesses. I plan to document the building of my 4th business as it may help someone else who’s been dreaming about it

-I am not a politically correct person, so if you’re easily offended this may not be the blog for you

I am so glad you’re here, and hope to get to know each of my readers better over time. Please don’t hesitate to comment, disagree, agree, cry, whatever you need to do to connect on this blog. I simply ask that everyone respect each other.

Love & Luck,