Mother’s Day Picks

Truth bomb, I am not the biggest fan of Mother’s Day…mainly because I believe it should be day where I can do what I want and not be bothered. The reality is more like get woken up early to a homemade breakfast of eggs with shells in them, cold toast, and bitter coffee which leaves the kitchen in utter chaos. Then, there’s the half-assed everything else, followed by a “when can we do something fun?”

My ideal day involves quiet, a massage, a book, and no one calling my name. I would also say someone bringing me a nice drink without me having to ask would be a bonus. Since that option is definitely not on the table at this time (or maybe not anytime in the near future either), I have put together a list of things I would actually like to get for Mother’s Day (hint hint Kev and children).

These are all available on Amazon, and have 4 star reviews or higher. It’s still possible for them to arrive before the big day; just click the link corresponding to the number below to be taken straight to purchase*.

  1. I love this eyelet dress in white for the summer; it’s sweet, cool, and romantic. I could dress it up or down, and can imagine myself wearing it on our next beach trip. It also comes in a soft pink and blue, or a mustard yellow.
  2. I just realized you can get magazine subscriptions on Amazon, and it’s always better to get something in the mail other than a bill! Sometimes, I just want to read a nice magazine and I don’t always want to have to go to the store to get it. There are many I buy, but one I seem to always go to is Real SImple. I like their realistic advice and quick read pieces I can implement immediately. If you see your baby mama reading a magazine over and over, why not get her a subscription?
  3. Remember when we used to be able to go away on weekend trips? Remind me that we will go again with this cute weekend bag. I am really liking the navy stripe, but there’s also a black stripe and khaki stripe option. You can also always go with good old solid black.
  4. I do a lot of skin care regimens at home, and am always open to trying new things. This mask caught my eye as it looks nice and thick, and had reviews that said people’s skin felt smooth and it smelled heavenly. I’ll try it!
  5. You can’t ever have enough bangles, and I love the simplistic and bold design of this one.
  6. How cute are these platform espadrilles? This style comes in SO many colors and prints, there’s too many to list here. However, I’d really like the leopard ones, please and thank you!
  7. I don’t know about you, but some of the best party setups i have seen involve a beautiful charcuterie or fruit board. Mine always end up just meh. That’s when I decided I needed to learn the art of arranging food (already know the art of making it disappear). This book will do just that and is perfect for the entertaining mama in your life.
  8. This kimono gives me all the vacation vibes I need. I could wear it over a tank and shorts, a sexy summer dress, or as a swimsuit coverup. Versatile pieces are always welcomed in my closet.
  9. Well, I can’t quite use it at the moment, but after the baby comes, I would happily let the wine flow to my lips from this stainless steel insulated wineglass. The color above is glitter peacock violet ombre (phew what a mouthful), but there are 27 other less “extra” colors you might want to get the mother in your life. Did I mention this holds over half a bottle of wine?
  10. I am of the belief that one can never have enough earrings. I saw this collection, and it goes so well with the other items I picked on this list I just had to add it. This set comes with 9 different pairs for the price one would usually pay for 2 pairs.

I hope you get the Mother’s Day you want, but even more so, the one you need. May you have a moment of peace, moments of love, and bottomless mimosas.

Feel free to send this post to your husbands, or kids!

Love and luck,


*Full disclosure: these are Amazon affiliate links which means I get paid if you buy through them.