Dolla, Dolla Bills Y’all

With many people out of work, and furloughed, and the future of everything a bit uncertain, I decided to put together a list of ways for people to save money immediately. I have already been using some of these tactics, but there’s new ones I started with the COVID-cray we’re all experiencing. Because time is money, let’s get to it!

  1. PLAN MEALS FOR THE WEEK Yes, I know that this takes time, but it can be a huge money (and calorie) saver. Make big batches that can be used as leftovers. Some ideas that are generally pretty cheap are taco soup, chili, chicken salad for sandwiches, lentils and sausage, quiches, Spanish tortilla, spaghetti, and burrito bowls. These hearty meals which have include basic staples like beans, eggs, lentils, and rice can usually feed a family of 4 for $12 or less.
  2. USE REWARD APPS FROM YOUR FAVORITE PLACES If you frequent somewhere with a rewards app, and are going to spend the money anyways, use it. I can’t tell you how many freebies I lost out on at Starbucks and Chic-fil-A (slow adopter apparently). I’ve only bought Chic-fil-A three times on the app for the fam and I already have a free sandwich and a free drink. Who doesn’t love FREE stuff?!
  3. TURN OFF THE LIGHTS I don’t know about you, but my kids are constantly leaving lights, fans, and video games running all the time. The savings on the daily are small but add up over time in that monthly bill. I have Reliant Energy, and I get a weekly summary to see how we’re doing. See if your energy provider can send you a weekly or biweekly summary so you can track how things are going.
  4. CUT BACK ON SHOWER TIME Long, hot showers are one of my favorite things, but if you’re taking them every day, you’re burning up the moolah. Cut shower time to 10 mins or less to keep water bills in check.
  5. REGROW YOUR VEGGIES As an aspiring green thumb, I love this idea and am hoping to try it out soon. There are several veggies that can be regrown and this is a great article on what and how https://www.ruralsprout.com/regrow-vegetables/
  6. CANCEL UNNECESSARY MEMBERSHIPS Are you still paying for the gym membership you never use, AAA, an app you’ve forgotten about on iTunes? Look at your monthly finances and see if there’s any recurring charges and fees you can opt out of. I recently found $2.99 I was spending every month on an editing app I tried, didn’t like, and then totally forgot to cancel.
  7. DITCH THE CABLE Is anyone still using cable that isn’t 50+? I’m not sure, but when my grandmother told me how much she spends each month so she can watch two shows, I almost choked. I’ve tried to introduce her to the ever more affordable Netflix, Hulu, or Prime, but haven’t won her over yet. However, it’s a no brainer for those of us feeling the pinch right now. Disney+ has also been a huge hit with my kids, and I love having all the Simpsons episodes at my fingertips.
  8. SPRAY YOUR UNMENTIONABLES In this crazy time of toilet paper shortages and hoarding, an attachable bidet will save sanity when you’re frantically looking for TP. Plus, no more of that “whoops there’s no toilet paper feeling” when you have to yell down the hall for someone to bring you some. I’ve always hated the idea of toilet paper anyways…I’m truly flushing money down the toilet. Here’s a bidet with great ratings for $99 (https://amzn.to/2RHe832)* A 12 pack of toilet paper usually runs about $10, so this would be a long term investment.
  9. KICK BOTTLED WATER TO THE CURB According to Readers Digest, the average store-bought water bottle has a 4,000% markup. Yikes! Thank goodness they haven’t started bottling air…yet. Instead, fill a glass with tap water or the filtered water from your fridge. I like having my nice, reusable water bottle that I can take anywhere. Here’s a water bottle I really like (https://amzn.to/2XFA5TO)* and you get to be eco-friendly by using one, win-win. It’s BPA free, comes in 10 different colors, has a removable strainer so you can infuse your water with fruit, includes a wrist strap, and helps you track how much water you should be drinking each day.
  10. LOSE THE CELL SERVICE CONTRACT Switch to a non-contract cell service if you can like Cricket. When I first got divorced, I was penny pinching like a crazy person, and one of the first things I did was ditch AT&T for Cricket. I spend $45/month on cell service and have never had an issue with data or anything like that. I can cancel at anytime, and I didn’t sign any contracts. Nice, huh? (P.S. they piggy back on AT&Ts network so I still get the reach)

Hopefully, I’ll save someone from having to get on the pole, unless, of course, that’s where you really want to be 😁

Have you already tried some of these? Let me know what you’re doing to save some money right now.

Love and Luck,


*TOTAL TRANSPARENCY: Items marked with an asterisk are affiliate links, and I do make money if you purchase using this link.