What’s In A Name?

Naming a dog is hard, naming a person is even harder. I’ve found it crazily true that as soon as you try to name your kid, you realize how many people you and your baby daddy don’t like. The dislike even extends to people who are not real. Our lives have become so intermeshed with TV characters, even ones from childhood, that a simple mention of the name can bring about a negative response. Which leads me to… we’re still having a hard time coming up with the perfect boy name for little dude. It doesn’t help that Kevin was calling him Bean, and now the kids are calling him Bean, too. They are perfectly content if his name stays Bean forever; me, not so much.

Also, I must mention, I frequent Pinterest (is anyone really surprised?) I have been using it to stash names on my secret baby board as well as nursery ideas, and cute babies in general. I recently came across two names that you just simply should not use;  I don’t even feel I need to explain, but here it is anyway:  

Harlett- I mean yes it’s not spelled the same as Harlot, but please don’t set your daughter up for a life of the oldest profession

Arsen- Again, not spelled the same, but arson is the act of deliberately and illegally setting fires. Unless you’re hoping for a little pyro, leave this one be

I kind of wondered if a sarcastic pinned these out there to see if they could fool someone into using them. Alas, when I went back to see if I could find the actual pins, they were gone. So, someone wised up, or these were reported.

So, tell me, have any of you seen/heard of any weird names, and what names do you just love for little boys?!


Ashley & “Bean”