The Hardest Part

Creating new habits is hard, but replacing bad habits is damn hard work. There are some things in my life that need to go, and no it’s nothing one would consider horribly bad. I don’t smoke, do drugs, or drink excessively. I don’t eat a ton of ice cream, or binge watch TV, and I certainly don’t spend all my money on fancy things (although that would be a nice habit to have providing you could afford it). My bad habits are much more subtle than that. I spend too much time on Facebook and social media scrolling through stuff I really don’t care about at all, I steal random handfulls of candy that my boss viciously puts behind me because he thinks it’s funny to test my willpower, and I leave stuff everywhere…like my phone in the fridge…creating messes that are compounded by my children’s messes. I am so busy with lists and tasks, but mostly these are things that are not getting me any closer to my goals. I have too much, think too much, do too much and that’s all about to stop.

I am starting a new journey as you may or may not have seen in my makeup free, morning robe, debut video on Facebook (my mom is dying I’m sure). If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out here

I am determined to do something amazing with my life and to bless others in the process. The goals I have are much more specific than what I just mentioned, and I’ll share some of them in posts in the coming weeks. However, to get to them, a radical shift in not only my habits, but my thinking are going to be necessary.

I am starting with the 5:30AM wake up which is horrendous for me. I mean, I really struggle with this one but I’ve done it consistently so far. And I have to tell you, I am getting so much more done. Part of the reason being, I use the 5:30-6 time to set intentions, list things I’m grateful for, and then write and say affirmation aloud. It has changed my attitude drastically towards even mundane things. I now see them as part of the journey to get where I am going, instead of a burden. I know this sounds like hokey bull crap, but its working for me.

The second thing I am doing, is to eventually get some sort of exercise each day because my job involves so much sitting. I also struggle with this new objective and have not been as consistent as with the 5:30 wake ups. I think I struggle more with this one is because a workout usually has to involve my children, and that is no small undertaking. BUT it is not an excuse. I believe this is important to get me into the right mindsets, clear my head, and help shape my body.

The third thing I am doing, is putting my top 5 goals all over the house. I need to see them everywhere!!! If I am not reminded of that which I’m striving for, I will deviate and be buried in tasks that do not help me get there. In tandem with this, I have created a vision board. It’s still missing a few pieces, but I find it helps me out a lot when I’m able to visualize what I want my life to look like.

Talking to myself like I am a queen. I don’t mean things like, “Damn Ashley, you’re so much better than everyone.” What I do mean is saying things to myself like “I am overflowing with abundance,” “I have amazing mentors,” “I am able to bless others with the blessings I have been given,” etc. I, like most of us, tend to be internally harder on myself than anyone else. I mean I beat myself up often, and I’ve noticed, it’s gotten worse the older I get. But, it’s about to get better. It has to get better if I’m going to lead the type of like I envision.

Here we go!

Love & Luck,