Time After Time

I want to write about everything, and yet sometimes I cannot find the exact words I’d like to convey. I also want to write about hard things like adoption, divorce, addiction-all things that have been part of my life sometime in the past 3 years (and I will). I want time to write, time to enjoy life, time to do things that feed my soul. It seems, however, that not matter how hard I try, this season won’t allow it-something is always pulling my attention away. Time is that one thing we can’t get back, make more of, and must spend wisely. It’s not like money which is always available in some way or another; it is the ultimate luxury now to have time.

To add to that, I have never been a person who enjoys having a recurring schedule. My life at one point became so planned out, I felt suffocated by the repetitiveness and monotony. I think I went the opposite way since my divorce. I refused to have a schedule, and that has not really been a good approach either. It’s that balance again-finding it, choosing it, and relishing it. So, tell me, how do you manage it? How do you arrange this gift of time?

Love & Luck,