2018 Resolution III: Lens of Gratitude

I am the first to admit that sometimes being thankful is hard-as in borderline impossible. When you’ve had a bad day, month, or even year, seeing the good in your life can seem a daunting task. Even though, many of the things that happen to us are usually unrelated, it can feel like you just won’t ever catch a break and the universe is out to get you. I know this because I have felt like that for the past two years. It feels like everything I try, fails, or that the odds are very much against me.

Well, I am tired of feeling that way, and thus, I am going to try viewing everything from the lens of gratitude. I will be as thankful for the obstacles, failures, and crushed dreams as I can be. All these redirects mean is that there is something else out there for me. I can feel it. I am going to start being thankful for the life I currently have, and the one I am dreaming into reality. I am thankful for the chance at starting over, I am thankful for the freedom to write what I want, I am thankful for the small things I take for granted. Oh, and wine-I am thankful for wine.

I am going to work on reminding myself every night before I sleep, that the things I already have, are things someone else is praying for. All in all, most of us are pretty damn blessed, and I want to celebrate that, don’t you? Happy New Year dreamers!

Love & Luck,