2018 Resolution I: Feed My Addiction

Hi, my name is Ashley, and I am a travel addict. I have been a travel addict for 15 years, and I plan on being one for life. I do not plan on seeking help. In fact, my ultimate goal, is to be fully mobile at some point in the near future. This resolution stems from one I made years ago, when I believed everything I was told. I once made a pact with someone that we would travel somewhere every month; it didn’t have to be something fancy or even far away, but just little adventures. While I did get to go some pretty amazing places, that dream never happened. But this year, 2018, I am going to make it happen. Some adventures will be girls trips, some will be with the kiddos, and others will be just romantic getaways. I head to New York City in two weeks for a bachelorette party, San Francisco at the end of February, March is a secret I will reveal later as it’s Kev’s birthday getaway, April is Fort Worth, and August is Costa Rica with the munchkins. All the other months are still up for debate. I love it! Kevin even got me some new makeup and jewelry bags in my favorite color, as well as a beautiful necklace to take with me on my jaunts. He gets me 🙂

Travel is one of those things that make me feel alive, and I can’t wait to share the adventures with you: where we stay, what we eat, and any other helpful tidbits. I’ll also share tips on traveling internationally with kids; it really is an amazing gift to give your children. My kid’s current favorite vacation was being atop the Eiffel Tower at midnight with all the lights twinkling. I think Costa Rica may be a close second if not a possible best. Are you and yours going anywhere in 2018? Tell me all about it….away we go on adventures!

Love & Luck,


P.S. check out my Travel Instagram @travellingtexanchick for photos from past adventures