Farewell to 2017

I have never been so happy to see a year head out the door-well except maybe 2016-but good riddance to them both. While I don’t like to dwell on failures, and things that practically crush your soul, divorce saturated both of those years. I am SO ready to move past those chapters in my life, and write new ones. I am ready to dream new dreams, make new memories, and really grow as a person, mother, artist, and entrepreneur. I have lost many things over the past year: my home, confidence, savings, dreams, a marriage, friendships, and a bit of that happy go lucky girl I once was. If you are there too, I feel you; it hurts, It feels like maybe you won’t be happy ever again. It feels like everyone is moving forward in their lives while you are starting from scratch, or just trying to survive this new normal. It feels like you are abandoned by people who don’t even bother to know your side of the story. It feels like your world has broken into a thousand pieces, and all you can do is watch it shatter around you. If this is you, don’t worry, because it will pass. It will hurt, BUT it will pass. And when it passes, you brush yourself off, and you build something new. You have the chance to start all over again, to design your life the way it should’ve been all along. So let’s slay 2018; bring on the Big Fat American Dream!