Help from Paper Goods

This Christmas, I was going for blues, pinks, and reds with a bit of Bohemian look. I tried and tried to find the PERFECT Christmas piece for above the fireplace, but everything was too small or the wrong colors. I almost gave up, when lo and behold, 4 days before Christmas, I stumbled across the Michael’s sale. Okay, stumbled would be inaccurate, planned on attending is more appropriate. I found an adorable little reindeer 50% off, and then saw the above paper globes and stars. My creative mind went a hundred miles per minute, and thus this fireplace was born!

All it took was three different colors of paper party decorations, some patience, and some transparent Command decorating clips. I laid everything out how I wanted it to look, and then started putting it up one piece at a time. Of course, it looked nothing like my original design, but I love how it turned out! It added to the whimsical feel of my living room, and have me the pops of color and texture I was looking for.

I even used a paper ball for my tree topper as I didn’t have an angel or a star that fit my new tree. It was fun to use something a little non-traditional for Christmas decor this year. Did you use anything fun or different to decorate this year?

IMG_9491 (1)

Love & Luck,