Every year, you see them in the store, calling your name. A fun, family do together activity that feels wholesome and nostalgic-gingerbread house kits. “Won’t this be fun?!” I say licking the icing off the gingerbread men. “It’s going to be pretty!” says my daughter as the candy falls off the house, and then we all realize how ugly it is. “We should eat it, it’s so ugly,” says my son. But, you can’t really eat it, because everyone has touched it all over, and now the icing is hard as a brick. So, what does one do with such an ugly gingerbread concoction? We’ll make it the table’s centerpiece of course! We worked hard to make that thing damnit…it will get used so help me.

As the centerpiece, it is constantly in plain view and I am guessing very tempting for all the elves that live in my house. I notice the candy decorations slowly disappearing as we roll through the holidays. Hope Santa has those elves brushing their teeth so they don’t get cavities!