My Health Journey

You’ll never believe what I’m about to confess…..

This time last year, I would have described my body as doughy. After my life fell apart from a divorce at the ripe old age of 30, I gained close to 35 pounds, and then slowly packed on another 15 in the years following. When I finally gave in and bought the sausage casing we lovingly call shape wear, I can confidently say it was one of the lowest points of my life. To me, that purchase meant I had lost control of my body, something I had always had a decent command of. Now, I had lost that too.

I cried. Everything in my life seemed like it had basically failed, and this was the physical manifestation of it.

I belittled myself for letting myself go, for huffing and puffing as I ran up and down the stairs, and for just plain ignoring this very obvious problem. In the midst of my self-induced shame spiral, I realized something as I was staring at my sad mug in the full-length mirror. I didn’t need shape wear for my body, I needed it for my mind.

My body was only reacting to the the turmoil in my head and in my surroundings, and I knew I had to change how I thought about everything-starting with my health. SOMETHING had to be done

You don’t have to waste another minute feeling like I did; I can show you a very simple method that I’ve personally tried and it WORKS. After losing 45 pounds and keeping it off for months, I am back and better than the me I was at 25!

STOP feeling like you’re seeing a stranger in the mirror! I can help you be the YOU that you deserve

This is just the beginning ❤️ You ready to choose YOU again?


-Hiding behind people in photos so no one sees you…ie your kids or significant other

-Wearing black because it’s “slimming” under the guise of it being classic

-Living in stretchy pants because they’re the only thing that fits comfortably, but you pretend you’re doing it to be trendy

-Killing yourself in the gym only to see your weight fluctuate 5lbs

-Telling yourself it’s just your age, family genetics, or you’re just big boned

-Feeling yourself getting grumpy when you’re supposed to go on a date, to a wedding, or other function and nothing fits you right

-You find yourself stuffing your face, or drinking your emotions even though you want to stop

-You don’t recognize yourself in the mirror anymore

I was once you! I remember all those feelings and being like “HOW can I NOT get it together?!” I was so frustrated and feeling defeated but THEN I decided to DO SOMETHING because I refused to stay stuck

If any of this sounds like you, click the button below to get in touch with me on FB! We will set up a time to chat about your health goals and how I can help you get there. I can’t WAIT to talk to you and help you be the “she”ro of your own story 💪


Coach Ashley